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My personal productivity toolbox | 10 Daily Apps that improve my productivity by 10X

One lesson I grasped early in my career is that while tools don’t define you, they can certainly enhance your efficiency. Therefore, I've always been dedicated to seeking out the best tools that streamline both my personal and professional life, allowing me to maximize my leisure time and indulge in my passions. This list will be beneficial for everyone, particularly tech entrepreneurs with whom I resonate the most.

I can confidently assert that I've fully embraced the digital realm, moving away from traditional analog methods and stationery—a shift primarily influenced by my nomadic lifestyle.

A key philosophy I uphold when choosing tools is to delineate between strategizing and executing. Often, individuals blur these two processes, undermining their productivity. Hence, throughout my day, the tools I utilize are categorized into: Align (What needs to be done?), Do (Execute those tasks), and Summarize (Determine the subsequent steps). Over time, I've experimented with myriad apps, constantly revising my choices to optimize my workflow. Just when I believe I've attained peak efficiency, a new app emerges, pushing my productivity even further.

This list will guide you through my daily routine and showcase how these tools enhance my life. I aim not only to share the tools themselves but also to convey how they significantly boost my productivity.

The tools follow the rhythm of my day and seamlessly integrate into my tasks.

🌅 Morning - Align

1. Journaling - Logseq - After completing my morning rituals and meditation, LogSeq is my go-to. It's a free open-source platform that enables a seamless organization of thoughts without rigid constraints. Sometimes, I'm unsure where to start, so LogSeq's free-flowing journal view, reminiscent of traditional notebooks, is perfect. With nesting layouts, relevant #tags, and [[Pages]], using quick commands, my entries are automatically structured for easy retrieval. A standout feature is the graph view, visualizing your content akin to mind mapping.

My LogSeq Setup View

Features I adore:

❤️ Flexibility

❤️ Tagging

❤️ Graph View

Signup Here - https://logseq.com/

2. Tasks - TickTick - Post-journaling, TickTick helps me outline my duties. It's a simplistic yet robust task management app that amalgamates the best productivity techniques. With a single tap or via Apple Shortcuts, I can create tasks, labeling them with dates, tags, folders, and priorities. The integrated pomodoro timer aids in time management, and routine tasks and habit trackers provide added functionality.

Cross Platform TickTick Setup

My favorite features:

❤️ Task labels

❤️ Focus timers

❤️ Routine & Habit Tracker

SignUp here - https://ticktick.com/

3. Email - Spark - With an accumulation of emails over the years, Spark has been invaluable. This ingenious email client consolidates all my accounts, displaying messages in a single organized view. Additionally, it syncs with my calendars, ensuring no meeting overlaps. Integrations with TickTick mean my emails can convert into tasks.

Managing many emails within Spark

The features I cherish:

❤️ Unified Email and Calendar view

❤️ Smart Organizer

❤️ Gestures

Equipped with my daily outline, I transition to execution.

☀️ Throughout the day - Do

1. Web Browser - Arc - For avid internet users like myself, Arc introduces a modern browsing experience, discarding the conventional tab system. This browser emphasizes relevance, eliminating redundancy and enhancing ease of navigation. Only by trying Arc will you grasp its

Different Spaces and Tabs in Arc

Features I'm fond of:

❤️ Spaces

❤️ Permanent Tabs as Bookmarks

❤️ Split views

2. Documents - Notion - Notion serves as my hub for organizing all documents and notes, from drafts to publications. Over the past 4 years, it's catered to my varied needs, such as blogs, projects, and finances. It synergizes well with LogSeq, allowing me to brainstorm and subsequently structure my content.

My Life Work in notion

Features that stand out:

❤️ Views

❤️ Nesting

❤️ Publishing

Signup link - https://www.notion.so

3. Diagrams - Miro - For visual clarity, I rely on Miro. Effective communication often necessitates a visual representation, and Miro's comprehensive whiteboard functionality ensures I can depict concepts, processes, and architectures with ease.

Miro for everything

Features I love:

❤️ Diagrams and connectors

❤️ Frames

❤️ Collaboration & Comments

Signup Link - https://miro.com/

4. ChatGPT Plus - ChatGPT is my go to Assistant for everything. I assume you already know and have been using this tool. Then I will also recommend to try the extension and better quality that comes with the plus whose sample outcome you can see in this article.

ChatGPT Plus in action

Features I love :

❤️ Plugins

❤️ Prompt Quality

❤️ Increased Word Limit

After a fruitful day, I take time to reflect and strategize for the future, revisiting the first three apps.

⛱️ Everything Else & Weekend - Summarize

1. Scheduling - Cal.com, Inc. - Cal.com is a versatile scheduling tool, integrating multiple calendars and offering customizable workflows.

Features I value:

❤️ Embedding with minimal branding

❤️ Multi-calendar integration

❤️ Workflows

2. Calendar - Cron - A recent addition to my toolkit, Cron synergizes the strengths of Spark Calendar and [Cal.com](http://Cal.com). I can view multiple calendars simultaneously and share my availability with ease.

Cron for Multiple calender

My preferred features:

❤️ Clean UI

❤️ Availability Sharing

❤️ Multiple Timezones

3. Writing - Writesonic - As a tech professional, writing wasn't my forte. However, with Writesonic's copywriting assistance, I've enhanced my content presentation. Since employing Writesonic, my "Build and Scale Fast" newsletter has amassed over 600 subscribers. While I craft the primary theme and insights, Writesonic augments my content.

Different Templates in Writesonic

Top features:

❤️ AI-driven insights

❤️ Intuitive interface

❤️ Comprehensive content creation

In summary, these 10 tools significantly elevate my productivity. While I don't expect you to adopt them all, identifying your primary challenges and addressing them with suitable tools can be transformational.

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