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KEY MANAGEMENTAman Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO | Twimbit

An innovator and go getter Aman is passionate about emerging technologies and has dedicated years learning the intricacies of coding. Armed with an engineering degree from BIT Mesra and work experience across various global organization, he is leading Twimbits technical team for operations handling and product development.

History has been a testament to the undeniable power of youth. When the vigour, exuberance and fearlessness of youth is channelled in the right direction it can even move mountains. Substantiating this perspective is the story of Aman Sharma. All of 21 years, the co-founder & CTO of Twimbit, a Singapore-based startup is an enterprising technocrat with a penchant for coding. Having worked for companies such as Tomorrow System, IWASSA, Infamous Labs and founded KiEvents & Atlancey, all during his college years, Amans list of achievements is already several feet long.

Having come on board Twimbit three months back, the young trailblazer is now working towards building products that revolutionize the way people consume research. In a candid conversation with the CEO Insights, Aman takes us along on his life journey from being a young coder in Jammu and Kashmir to becoming the CTO of an innovative tech organization.

Take us through the first few years of your life. How were the foundations of being a technocrat laid down for you?

My tryst with coding began when I was barely 12 years old and I had developed a software. Back in the day we could not afford a computer so I used to utilize all my free time in my schools computer lab or library learning new technologies and coding. I was disappointed when I could not make it to IITs due to a family problem, but I did not give up and found my way into BIT Mesra through a scholarship program.

In my second semester, I got the opportunity to go to Egypt and work with an NGO as a web operations manager. I was then presented with the opportunity to work for an Italian company. Simultaneously, I developed Atlancey, a provider of private web services which gradually grew into a profit making venture with 15 people in the team.

I later worked as an AI engineer for Exclusivi, the largest AI company for hotels in Egypt. During my two yearswith the company I learnt about convolutional neural network and recommender systems, which is my AI expertise. Upon completing my engineering, I was a part of startup India program for KiEvents, an events AI startup.

One must never think that they know everything, instead we must listen to everyone and everything in order to widen our horizonsIt was then that I started providing proto typing and web services for Twimbit. Since they did not have a tech team, they asked me to come on board as the CTO and here we are today.

You have had the opportunity to work with a plethora of companies across the globe. What was it that convinced you to come on board Twimbit?

My biggest inspiration to join Twimbit is ManojMemon the founder of the organization and has over 21 years of industry experience.

Another factor that propelled me towards Twimbit is the kind of disruption that the company intends to bring to the way users consume research. We had identified that consumption of research in todays industry is very low, thus the company is building products for enterprises and individuals alike that will help with analyzing relevant knowledge one requires for making decisions for better business outcomes. For our enterprise clients, we have a terminal where an employee can log in and all the information required to smoothly run the companys operations will be presented in a neat dashboard in graphical form. For individual users, Twimbit is building an application environment system that studies users habits to predict the best possible time to push them to learn some thing new.

Working with a supportive team on innovative ideas such as these has been energizing me immensely. I also got the opportunity to present a talk at Google DevFest recently and there will be many more to follow in the days to come.

Can you tell us about a few innovations and technologies that you are working on at Twimbit currently?

We are building an MVP prototype, called twimbit pro, through this we are trying to come up with different presentation styles to presentinformation in novel ways. The application will include the usage of Instagram like stories, which will render a tappable experience to users and make content easier to consume.

Also, while researching we understood that nobody is installing native applications anymore. Therefore, we have come up with the idea of having progressive abaps as the only mode of installable material for phone devices. We made also made an open source framework towards using Google accelerated mobile pages(AMP). Leveraging AMP and abaps, we aim to provide a fast experience inside the web console and without a user having to install a native app. The application can also work on low intensity networks, provide accurate information and a platform where content creators can create content hassle free.

What role has your family played in shaping you as an individual?

Interestingly enough, my father did not know about my startup till a few months back. He is an army man and wanted me to join the Indian armed forces as well. But my aspirations were different, as I wanted to explore the world of technology and travel the world. It took me some time to convince him, but upon seeing my journey from an engineer to a successful CTO, he has changed his mind and is completely supportive of my dreams now.

My mother has been my driving force since the very beginning of my career. She was the one who brought us out of the village and into the city so that we could receive the best education and could pursue all our dreams.

Your journey is admirable and serves as a great example for budding technocrats. What would be your words of advice for them?

I believe that we must always be open to new thoughts and ideas. One must never think that they know everything, instead we must listen to everyone and everything in order to widen our horizons and gain valuable perspectives in life.

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