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#ED4 | The 馃敟 Startup super Stash 路 馃捈 Mega compilation of Startup Resources

Tools + Incubators + Grants + Funds + Talent Source + Credits + Recommended contents ++++

Doing a startup is hard and unfortunately there is no one playbook or perfect method to do it right. Faced with the same challenge I had to go through the same struggle in my own startup journey. This edition is going to be really interesting to my founder friends. I am compiling all the best resources that I have came across in last one decade of my startup journey in just on single post. Most of these resources must be visited periodically again hence I mentioned that as well. Overall we will be covering the following categories -

  1. Development

  2. Funding & Support

  3. Customer

  4. Talent

  5. Recommended Content

  6. Advisory & Help

馃馃徎鈥嶐煉 Development

馃挵 Funding & Support

馃 Customer Development

馃馃徎鈥嶐煉 Talent

馃摎 Recommended Content

Learning is an equal part of startup success. Though there are books on entrepreneurship but most of the learnings come from first person experiences. The following content sources will help you in those.


Startup RegretsRegret-Proof Your Business: A Weekly Dose of Startup Wisdom in 5 Minutes
The Daily Bite by Snack PromptOne of the fastest growing tech newsletters published by Snack Prompt with 110,000+ AI professionals, engineers, enthusiasts, and creators.

Favourite Books

  1. The Lean Product Playbook

  2. Build

  3. Sprint


馃捈 Help

I hope you found this post helpful and will be using this at your own startup building process. Share this with your relevant founder friends too. And if you know about a resource that I might have missed, please share that in the reply. I would include that in future edition as well


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