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  • 🔃 DevOps that actually works for your startups → The Lean DevOps

🔃 DevOps that actually works for your startups → The Lean DevOps

A leaner approach to DevOps that can help startup scale while being lean, agile and cheap

In my last newsletter, I shared how we built Dinnerfy.com in just six months.

In this edition, I will share the DevOps practices you will need to make it work.

Time and people are the rarest commodities in a startup. Yet, deploying the product and presenting it to the customer is crucial. So, how do you strike a balance between these two? That is the fundamental challenge. In software development, we already have a way to deploy and ship products faster through the CI/CD cycle (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery). The traditional DevOps cycle is great but doesn't work well for startups. Startups need to be lean, agile, and cost-effective. That's where Lean DevOps comes in.

The whole cycle is divided into six steps:

  1. Plan

  2. Code

  3. Test

  4. Review

  5. Deploy

  6. Observe

👇🏻 Follow along with the video below to understand the entire cycle.

I hope this method helps you as much it helped me and you can apply the same at your product building journey. I would love to learn what worked for you and what else could be done to improve this method. If you have any question reach out on my LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading, Keep Building


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